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As a welcome gift we have reduced the original Chaga mushroom from Bearmedicine in a set for you enormously until 31.12.2023.
3 x Chaga Powder (72g) á 49,50 incl. 1 Spoon free

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Meet one of the most potent ancient nordic herbs

Chaga is undoubtedly the King of all mushrooms, with an extremely high concentration of biologically active substances, providing natural nutritional immunity and promoting rejuvenation and health on a cellular level: All backed by science!

With one of the highest numbers of antioxidants known to man it is the No. 1 formula against your daily free radical damage. The King of Herbs (Bearmedicine) with its unique sophisticated extraction provides a Masterpiece that contains one of the highest active values not found in similar products. 100% natural, instant soluble.

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